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  • Simplicity
  • Speed - it doesn't profile, it just checks coverage.
  • Designed to be dropped into a continuous build cycle
  • Keep line numbers the same -> Test failure stacktraces stay useful

Upgrading from previous NCover versions

There are three breaking changes with this new release, these are:
  • To compile instrumented code, you will now need to reference the NCover.dll
  • The NAnt tasks have been seperated out into a seperate assembly (NCoverNAnt.dll), so you will now have to reference this assembly in the loadtasks part of the nant build file.
  • The ncoverreport task now takes a mandatory parameter named "actuals" which is a filename pointing to the output from running the tests upon the instrumented code.
  • Please see the docs for further details.


    • Version 0.9.2 released see changelog for details
    • Now supports Visual Basic.NET code!
    • We've enhanced the diff functionality so you can see how changes to the code have affected the coverage percentage (for better or for worse).
    • Thanks to ideas from Michael Luke, setting up ncover is now easier than before - you just have to link to the dll. (well maybe a little bit more than that is needed, but it's easier than it was.) (Thanks Michael)
    We'd greatly appreciate hearing about your success using this product, and any problems you've encountered
    (the tighter the feedback loop, the better the product).